Lets Heal The World

How we can help our planet

As well as promoting a plastic free life we wanted to go a bit further here at Secret Island and we decided to start collecting old clothes, sheets, towels,materials or textiles that can not be resold and would otherwise be going to the rubbish dump. Around 92 million tonnes of textile waste is created annually by the fashion industry. We thought we could save some of that from going to waste by weaving rag rugs and reusing for crafts.

10%Off Voucher

Bring in a large carrier bag full of old clothes/materials/textiles and recieve a 10% Off gift voucher to spend at Secret Island.

Zero Waste RagRugs

Don't want to add more waste to the planet? Bring in a carrier bag or 2 of  your old clothes/sheets/materials and we can make them into a ragrug with our in house loom.